WAYVES music is about inspiration, about the power that leads to a New and about an eternal fear of the unknown—the contradictions, giving birth to grotesque experiences accompanying life of probably everyone who has ever felt endlessly more than man, or even mankind.

WAYVES music is available for free/donation on Bandcamp, iTunes и Google Music.

unclaimedrecordsmusic@gmail.com / fb

Sasha Karachinsky — keys, guitars, woodwinds
Veda Ram — vocals
and many great musician all around the world: Te Touze, Ars Nova Quartet, Sofoli, Matha Om, Kristina Rain.



WAYVES + Veda Ram — Deep (2018)

WAYVES + Veda Ram — Sands (2018)

WAYVES — Breathe Me (feat. Veda Ram) — LIVE @ ChillOut Planet Spaceport

WAYVES + ArsNova @ WUNDER (RU) (27th of May 17)

WAYVES — Surya (feat. Veda Ram & Julius Kotov)